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System Kits

System Kits

For exterior & interior repair, system kits are available for the following:

Exterior Paint Repair:
These can consist of a tinter set costing £299.99 (exc vat) to a complete kit supply of paint, equipment and consumables, priced at £1999.99 (exc vat). These complete kits can be tailored to suit the requirement.

Interior Repair - Plastic & Leather
These kits start from £119.99 for a re-colouring system including formula information & swatch to a complete repair kit inclusive of re-colouring, consumables & equipment, costing £399.99 (exc vat).

Interior Repair - Velour Fibre
These kits are available in two packages, 30 fibre set costing £279.99 (exc vat) and a 50 set, priced at £349.99 (exc vat). Both kits include the same level of equipment and consumables.

System Kits System Kits System Kits System Kits System Kits System Kits
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1 Pre-Val Cartridge Unit £5.95
2 454ml SEM Texture Std Black (39853) £19.99
3 1Litre SEM Colourcoat Tinting White £39.99
4 150ml Bottle inc Lid £0.55
5 400ml SEM Original Black/Flexible Bumper Coater (39103) £10.99
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